Connecty provides smart contracts for agile R&D sourcing

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Use the blockchain as a means for equity and transparency in knowledge exchanges

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Perform your operations in a certified and regulated community environment

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Easily find the knowledge and skills you need for your projects, and keep focus on your challenges rather than your drags

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Deploy peer-to-peer self-organised R&D cooperations without intermediates

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Improve your agility with a fluid, barriers-free and decentralized mode of exchange and contracting

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Get your revenue in universal exchange unit, and choose to convert it, keep it for further invests or allocate it for non-profit projects

More about the ICO and the CTY token

Connecty is an all-in-one tool for your knowledge needs

Find knowledge and knowers

With our search engine, find the best path to the more adequate knowledge you want to acquire, and get in touch with the appropriate partners of your future projects. Visualize relations between authors, evaluate connections between areas of knowledge and get an insight about new ideas emergence.

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Monitor complexity

Even if you are a trained specialist in your domain, you know you can't be aware of all the new finds, achievements and synergies you should have need. Our monitoring bot will be your best assistant : every day getting the more relevant news according to your own profile, finding new areas and identifying missing links

Premium account75 € a month

Exchange knowledge

Your mission of invention requires multiple interactions to feed your intuition, and the submission to your peers of your current results. Our smart contracts allows you to protect your collaborations from the simple reading note or seminar talk, to the most ambitious article to submit. You'll never have to worry about sharing your ideas with others.

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Manage services

Your organization manages many researchers and engineers who can exchange R & D services with the outside world. Through our system, manage your teams, automatically collect revenue and automate bonuses. Give autonomy to your organization and get new revenues without risk for your model. Share your skills will increase your business.

Corporate account500 € a year

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Lead Board


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Idriss ABERKANEPhD & Entrepreneur
Olivier AlirolResearcher
Jean-thierry AUBINExpert Biologist
Natalia CRISTOCEO Mi People LLC
Mickael DAMOURICO Advisor
Sébastien DESCHAUXLean Startup & Innovation,
Noémie DiéBlockchain PhD
Pierre JOURLINPhD Computer Science and IA
Nicolas LemaitreCrytpo Consultant
François-Xavier MARQUISConsultant, Arago Competences
Maeliss TANNER-FEUGUEURFront-end Developper, Cap Gemini
Franck ZALCEO-CSO, Hemarina SA


Julien BRODIERCTO Talium
Blockchain Expert
François de ChezellesCEO Talium
Blockchain Expert
Charles MILLSFilm maker,
Eternum Pictures
Tristan ORDASFilm maker,
Eternum Pictures
Thibault VerbiestAttorney, DS Avocats
ICO Expert
Ali YAZBEKDigital Marketing,