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Soft cap €1M

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An innovative world through knowledge economy

Thanks to, we create the liaison between holders and creators of knowledge with those responsible for transforming this knowledge into innovation. is a platform for relating these two worlds of innovation and knowledge, that create a new ecosystem dedicated to knowledge with its own currency and circular economy based on blockchain technology. Finding knowledge, sharing it and innovating becomes easy and natural!
Idriss Aberkane & François de Chezelles - The Knowledge Economy - Teaser 1/3
I. ABERKANE, F. ZAL, F.X. MARQUIS & O. NEROT - The Knowledge Economy - Teaser 2/3
Convert research into innovation with!
Sébastien Deschaux - The First blockchain dedicated to the knowledge economy
Olivier Nerot - The First blockchain dedicated to the knowledge economy
Présentation du CEO de Connecty & explication complète de leur projet | Crypto Trading
Blockchain : immersion dans l'économie disruptée

The Platform

A unique entry point to transform knowledge into innovation. is the first Knowledge Marketplace powered with an Artificial Intelligence Engine matching a simple question with those having the answers. platform
Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Smart contract

Smart Contract

Decentralized knowledge marketplace

Decentralized Knowledge Marketplace

circular economy

Circular Economy

For everyone holding and seeking Knowledge, the platform offers a unique place to share, exchange and collaborate through an efficient token economy.


+$138 billions annual volume exchange ICO Milestones

A worldwide platform to provide a world Knowledge Economy

Minimum amount
for a viable project
Quick technical & commercial
Presence on the 5 continents
into 5 years

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Token CTY & ICO

Token Economics

Token name
Token type
Utility token
Token standard
Stellar token
Type of supply
Fixed supply
Total supply
1.375 Billion CTY
ICO price
0.01 €
€1.0 M
€11.0 M
ICO Period
September - November 2018
Accepted currency
XLM, BTC, ETH & Fiat (USD, EUR, etc.)

ICO Bonus

Private Sale

Quantity available
250 000 000 CTY

From 34% to 20%

Quantity available
250 000 000 CTY

From 20% to 0%

Quantity available
850 000 000 CTY

The token CTY is supported by the Stellar Blockchain. CTY is the Knowledge CryptoCurrency of the platform. It will be necessary to use CTY to buy Knowledge on our Marketplace. During the ICO, the token will be directly delivered to the investors throught the SmartContract and they will be frozen until the end of the ICO. The token don't sold at the end of ICO will be brunt and the different ratios will be kept the same to maintain a good equilibrium of the new ecosystem and its economy. There won't be any new emission of token after the end of the ICO.

Token repartition & use of funds


Tokens allocated to the team, bounty program and company reserve will be issued only at the end of the ICO based on the actual number of tokens sold. The obkective is to align the team's and company's interests with the investors community.

To do so, the 25% will be calculated in order to maintain the strict percentage committed to on the chart above

NB: The token allocated to the team are subjected to a 2 years vesting period. Starting from the end of the ICO, theteam will est 25% of their allocated tokens verey 6 month until the vesting calendar is fully completed.

The funds collected will be used to:
  • Technical and R&D development of the Connecty platform.
  • The commercial development traduced by an enlargement of the fields of knowledge supported, and the countries / economic zones in which we will be implanted / offer the service
  • Product development with the gradual enrichment of the proposed offer with new services.

The raised funds will be used for: 30% of the funds raised will go to the technical development of the platform,30% to its commercial development, 20% to research and development and 20% to support activities (legal, administrative aspects, ...).

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Why the CTY token

Ethical use of the blockChain

Support from BPI France French Public Investment Bank

Regulated environment and activities

Experienced team directly connected to Research & Innovation World

Multiskilled team from different industries

Global Circular Knowledge Economy of all areas of Sciences

Artificial Intelligence Q/A matching

CTY is an utility token dedicated to a $134 B Market

Token BUYBACK program*

(*) 60% of the plateforme revenues will be used for the buyback program, estimated to +$30M for the period 2019-2022

The Knowledge Market

Annual World
R&D Expenditures
1 926 Billion $*
R&D Outsourcing 7%
R&D Outsourcing  7%

World R&D Outsourcing
134 Billion $

Annual World<br>R&D Expenditures<br>1 926 Billion $*
*Last data available UNESCO 2015
R&D Expenditures Outsourcing per continent addresses the external Research and Development flows market. A global market for knowledge purchases worth 134 billion dollars in 2015, or on average 7% of annual Research and Development expenditure.

What is Connecty ?

What is Connecty ?

ICO BlockChain Specialists

The Benefits of Blockchain

The blockchain provides tools and a secure technical environment that can remove technical and administrative barriers that exist today.


Creation of a trusted secure environment as a knowledge and expertise place where the players of research and innovation can meet, share and discuss in broad daylight or under protection anonymity.


Globalisation et decentralisation of the knowledge economy. Wherever you are, whoever you are, if you have knowledge or expertise that interest someone, you could value and share it.


Fluidification of knowledge exchanges thanks to the possibility of microtransactions.

Circular economy

Implementation of a circular economy centered on the knowledge economy and open innovation thanks to the introduction of a new currency only dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and expertise.


Leading team

Philippe Le Maih-Chometton CCO
Olivier Nerot AI consultant
Thibault Verbiest Legal consultant
Stepahne CHOMETTON President

Our advisors & Ambassadors

Idriss Aberkane Neuroscience & Knowledge
François de Chezelles Middleware & Blockchain
Natalia Cristo US Universities Ambassador
Mickael DAMOUR Advisor ICO Media & Strategy
Jérôme JUBELIN Ethic & humanism advisor
Florence PERRIER Advisor Digital Strategy
Sébastien Deschaux Lean Startup & Innovation
François Xavier Marquis A.I
Alissa Pelatan RSE Specialist
Franck Zal Scientific Advisor
Ali YAZBek Marketing & Finance Advisor
Pierre Jourlin AI Professor
Jean-thierry Aubin Expert Biologist

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