CONNECTY is a platform based on a blockchain relating the innovations players with knowledge holders. Finding knowledge, sharing it and innovating with it becomes easy and natural! We want to bring innovators closer to the sources of knowledge to foster innovation and value creation.

The Knowledge Market addresses the external Research and Development flows market. A global market for knowledge purchases worth 134 billion dollars in 2015, or on average 7% of annual Research and Development expenditure.


The Connecty platform is aimed at all the players in the knowledge economy whether they are creators of knowledge or consumers. The platform offers a simple and intuitive way on one hand to access knowledge, and the other hand, it allows all the experts to easily value their knowledge.

The buyer of knowledge is the one who faces up to a challenge, an issue of any order (scientific, organisational, economic, etc) and for which he must seek solutions.

The creator and holder of knowledge becomes supplier in the world of knowledge economy. He uses Connecty platform to gain visibility and offer his services, his expertise in his field.

Artificial Intelligence _ R&D Development

The roadmap of our R&D work on Artificial Intelligence (A.I) includes 3 main targets:

  1. An engine for translation of everyday language into business and scientific languages;
  2. A matching algorithm between the translated questions and the areas of expertise of the knowledge creators registered on the platform;
  3. Algorithms for enriching existing user profiles (legal person and natural person) from all the data accessible.

An engine for 'translation' of everyday language into business and scientific languages

What is Connecty ?

Mission: Technical & commercial development of the Platform
Mission: Support for innovative projects with a positive environmental and societal impact
The Blue Horizon SAS registered at the RCS Lyon (SIREN N ° 838973568) carries the project
Database bringing together both knowledge creators and innovators.
Reliable ecosystem offering a turnkey service, fast and agile allowing the connection and a contracting between two or more actors
A knowledge access facilitator, a search engine that enables knowledge creators and innovators to meet and understand each other. is a platform developed by Blue Horizon SAS. It is a place to meet and exchange knowledge. The platform brings together all the players in the innovation chain, creators of knowledge and innovators within a circular globalized knowledge economy, supported by the CTY crypto_currency of knowledge, by inter_connecting the multiple fields of knowledge.


The blockchain provides tools and a secure technical environment that can remove technical and administrative barriers that exist today.


Creation of a trusted secure environment as a knowledge and expertise place where the players of research and innovation can meet, share and discuss in broad daylight or under protection anonymity.


Globalisation et decentralisation of the knowledge economy. Wherever you are, whoever you are, if you have knowledge or expertise that interest someone, you could value and share it.


Fluidification of knowledge exchanges thanks to the possibility of microtransactions.

Circular economy

Implementation of a circular economy centered on the knowledge economy and open innovation thanks to the introduction of a new currency only dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

Our partners

Arches RST
DS Avocats

Connecty Project ICO Milestones

First global Knowledge Marketplace tokenizing a +$138 Billions market of outsourced R&D

Leading team

Philippe CHOMETTON CCO Chief Commercial Officer

Coryne NICQ CCO Chief Communication Officer _ RSE
Florence PERRIER CSO Chief Strategy Officer
Samuel TRONCON CRDO Chief Research and Development Officer

Our advisors & Ambassadors

Idriss Aberkane Neuroscience & Knowledge
François de Chezelles Middleware & Blockchain
Sébastien Deschaux Lean Startup & Innovation
Rith Ho Innovation Transformer
Jérôme JUBELIN Ethic & humanism advisor
François Xavier Marquis A.I
Olivier Nerot A.I. Genius
Alissa Pelatan RSE Specialist
Thibault Verbiest Legal Specialist
Franck Zal Scientific Advisor
Pierre CAPPELLI Digital Manager & Transformer
Ali YAZBek Marketing & Finance Advisor

They support US!

  • David JUAN
  • Delphine COLOMBET
  • Florence PERRIER
  • Jean-Luc FORTIN
  • Océane ALIROL
  • Charles COCHENER
  • Edouard COSQUERIC
  • Elodie AMMACHI
  • Fabien CHRIST
  • Jérémy AMIGO
  • Lucas GRAO
  • Renaud COSNEFROY
  • Philippe CHOMETTON
  • Thibaut CHOMETTON
  • Alexia DEBOFFE
  • Borin SHEHU
  • Caroline VERRIERE
  • Charles MILLS
  • Coline MACHIN
  • Coryne NICQ
  • Dana
  • Francisco ESTEVEZ
  • Javy
  • Régine GOURLAY
  • Thibaut EXPOSITO
  • Mikaël STUGNET
  • Nathael PAJANI
  • Romain NEUVILLE
  • Romain LUENGO
  • Amandine VERRIERE
  • Gwladys MESSAGER
  • Johann BONFILS
  • Pauline
  • Bernard HO
  • Guillaume VERRIERE
  • Erwan
  • Joachim LEBRUN
  • Jonathan BAUD
  • Kevin AUBIN
  • Kevin BENDALI
  • Nicolas LEBRUN
  • Pierre CAPPELLI
  • Coryne Nicq
  • Viktor Sayenko
  • Patrick Prandstätter
  • Karine LE MAIH
  • Matthieu ALIROL
  • Romain COHET
  • Romain THERRAT