Our mission & our engagement

Knowledge is to innovation what the word is to the book: the word shapes the book that opens us to all the infinite imaginaries.

Olivier Nerot

Our vision

We are convinced that the knowledge economy is an engine of progress for human civilizations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance humanity towards a society aware of its role and responsibilities by accelerating and expanding the flow of knowledge around the world for innovation.

Our ambition to achieve this mission is to unite all knowledge holders/creators and innovators within a circular globalized and ethical knowledge economy, driven by a single currency of knowledge, by interconnecting multiple ecosystems.

We choose to have a positive and significant societal and environmental impact in our business and operational activities.

Connecty implements its mission in three acts:

  • Inspire by word and acts a new way of producing goods and services,
  • Federate economic players around knowledge exchange,
  • Create the Connecty.io platform and the CTY knowledge exchange currency

This social mission is based on decentralized autonomous management inspired by collective intelligence. We believe in the following three founding values that guide the way we work together on a daily basis and accompany the progress of our activities on the path of rational development that respects people and the environment.

We believe that profitability and responsibility can work in synergy. Thus, we conduct our activities in accordance with our ethical principles in accordance with our humanist and responsible vision.

Our values

We hold the trust of our stakeholders and as such is committed to integrity, transparency and loyalty. We therefore intend to conduct our business in accordance with ethical principles and practices.

We base our mission on three core values that form the foundation of our ethics and commitment:

  1. Fairness: Equity reflects the balance essential to the preservation and development of any system.
  2. Openness: Our vision is a world of knowledge, sharing and collaboration between innovative actors.
  3. Progress in harmony: Because we are all part of a global living ecosystem (human, nature, planet), whose parts are interdependent, we make a point of having a positive societal and environmental impact.

Our chart also reflects our commitment to the #TechForGood movement and the Entrepreneurs of the Future movement, as well as our desire to work for the collective interest, an objective inseparable from the economic development imperative pursued by the company.